Monday, 30 June 2014

Soccer Lessons

This is the soccer coach Quan he was showing technique. By stopping the ball when its coming towards you. You will use you front of your foot then stamp on it. So it can not keep rolling away. Then protect it and kick it back to your team player.

Friday, 27 June 2014

I want to be a Millionaire

If I was an a Millionaire I would be living life wonderfully. It’s because I know what kind of things I would want. If I was to spend it I would spend it on a house that is in a good condition and that can last for a long time also own about 3 houses in different suburbs. So if I’m stranded somewhere I would be about something blocks away from my house because I own 3 houses in different suburbs. I would give money to the hospital and charity. Towards the sick children and children and also people that are starving in south africa and other places where children don’t be fed. I’m a type of person to help poor people and people that don’t have things like us.

I would really love to own a nike factory. It’s because I love my nike. I like that kind of style also there stuff are really in good condition stuff. I would want to be a manager at rainbows end with Tainah & Celia. There my two close buddies. I will travel the world looking what are different things are from New Zealand. Then come home telling my parents and family what it is like in the countries that I have just finish visiting. I will give money to my family to spend it on anything they would want. I would buy a house for my Auntie Wae just for her to come to Auckland with my cousins. So just that they're close to the family down here in Auckland.

I will buy my dad, 2 cars that are the richest in the world. If I was rich I will buy my little brother Santana lots of cheap toys for him to look at and play with. I would also want to know what the  dental equipments are used for and what they are called. Also study on the teeth so when I have children that don’t have such great teeth I can fix the problem and tell them no more lollies or sugar. I will pay Beyonce to sing at my 16th party with Iggy Azalea and YG also Ariana.

If I was to have a mansion I would have... Movie theater and a pool outside at the back yard with gardens around it . I would have a library room. A inside spa with a Sauna room also a steam room. A computer room with all different types of gadgets. Phones, laptops, desktop and computers. Under the house I would have a underground bowling and a ice cream bar like Kiwi Yo. So my children have somewhere to play and have fun. Also there will be a spacy room like a gaming lounge. There will be elevates so we don’t have to take stairs. I would like to have a huge window where you can see a beautiful view of the back yard. There will be a tree house in my mansion. That sounds creative! I would want a bookshelf that turns into another room filled with clothings and shoes and jewellery. Nike clothings and nike shoes and also gold and silver earrings and necklaces. I will have a garage with a ferrari and limo. I would want to walk on the red carpet.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Dear Pak n Save

I would like to say thank you for the toothbrush. It was nice of you guys to donate the tooth brushes to Room 11 and Room 12 at Glen Innes School. Now I can have two toothbrushes in case someone uses my tooth brush. So thanks for sponsoring the toothbrushes.
toothbrush up my ass

Yours Sincerly


At what age should children get pocket money?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Walt: Solve problems in financial literacy.

This game is all about reading a story and then answer some questions in a quiz. I found it easy to play this game because I read it until I knew what the story mean't. I found this not so difficult. I would like to move on to commenting on blogs with expensive words.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Decimal Fractions

Walt: Solve problems in financial literacy


This activity it is about matching decimals, fractions and percentages. I had to figure out where they go. I thought this game was easy because in class we have been working on decimal fractions and percentages for a long time for us to learn. I thought this game wasn’t hard.
I would still like to work on this activity.  

Monday, 23 June 2014

Do you have enough money?

Walt: Solve problems in financial literacy.


In this game I have to find out if I have enough money to buy this item. I get a question and respond to the answer. I had given “ A bottle of hand lottion cost $6.43.Do you have enough money to buy it?”. Then I respond saying yes. It’s because how I got this answer was I counted all the money that was there, then I looked back how much it cost. Altogether there was $6.50 and it cost $6.43. So I had enough because 43 is lower than 50 so I had enough. I thought this game was casual to me. I thought it wasn’t mighty hard. I would like to learn decimal fractions.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Skipping In G.I

Room 12 was doing an item for the audience in G.I Centre. I thought that there performance was out standing. Looking at Moko and Siua doing there push-ups while the rope was swinging. As well they did it all together at the same time and doing it with team work.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives


Walt: ask questions to clarify meaning.

This game was to learn about adjectives, verbs and nouns. It would first tell you what the definition of verbs, nouns and adjectives mean. Then it would pop up with many nouns to select. Then I chose boy. Then next it popped up with adjectives to select. Which means what the nouns emotion feel. I chose angry. So the boy was angry. Then next there was many verbs to pick then I picked laughing. Verbs is a doing word an action word. All combined together was the boy was angry but laughing at the same time. I found this game interesting and fun. I played this game a couple of times just to know what it meant. It wasn’t a game to be challenging or easy.
Next I want to be able to give some clever questions on peoples blogs.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Following Direction


Walt: ask questions to clarify meaning.

This game was about directions. It would give you a text box to read where to go and where to start. The text box I had to read was saying “Starting at the scrap yard, go to the cinema, meeting friends at the skate park first. You can only use 5 sections road”. The part that was saying you can use 5 section roads meant’ that the minimum roads you can use is 5.
I found this game confusing at first but I then asked Andrea beside me if she could help me. Then she did and then I had the hang of it and knew what to do. Thanks to Andrea. I found this game hard at first because I don’t think I read it properly. I would like to learn more of this.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Round off to the nearest 10 cent

bitch :)

In this game I’m learning to figure out what is the nearest number to ten cent.

I got given a question and I had to figure it out. The question that was given was “A carton of ice cream is priced at $5.51.How much would it cost to purchase in cash? So then I had to make it to the nearest ten. I found this easy because I know this activity mentally. I would like to work on decimal fractions. Also learn them just like my time tables. So in my assignment I would get a high score.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Savings Budget Hoildays

Walt: save towards a goal. (holiday)

I played a game with definition cards to learn words that are useful when talking about using money. To play this game you have to have definition cards and 2 different kinds of counters. Also two players. Then you put all the cards flipped over so you can’t see the words. One player will grab a card and read it then place it on the word that means it. But you will also have a board with words. The new words I learn’t are services,income,consumer,profit,interest and trade-off. The words that I was stuck with or complicated was profit and interest also consumer. I would like to save up because so I could buy me a Iphone so I can contact with my family. I also would want to get me some sports gear for sports camp and also to save up so it can go towards sports camp fee’s.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Jump Rope For Heart

Yesterday 12 the June it was jump rope for heart. The children were excited about the skipping. Room 1 was up first Mr Naidoo introduce them. I thought there show was really funny because there little kids that don't really know what there doing but cute. I was laughing also because the music was hilarious because it sounded like a Korean music. But I loved it.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014



im so fancy.png

This is my art that I've drawn. In the classroom we all had to search up on New Zealand animals. So I have selected a Tui bird to draw. I had to then outline around the Tui with scrambles. Which is making circles all around. I found this art interesting to draw.  

Monday, 9 June 2014

Dental Presentation

On the 5June, Mrs Wallbridge visited Glen Innes School to speak to us about our teeth. I learnt some new things about teeth that I didn’t know. I learnt that if you have a knocked out tooth you have to quickly find it and place it back to where it fell out. But if you find it hard to put it back into place then quickly go into the kitchen and pour milk into the cup and drop the tooth in. Then you quickly rush to the dentist to help put it back in. I think it helps it stay alive. You do that so that your tooth doesn’t die.

I learnt that you're teeth’s  worst enemy is sugar. That was an interesting fact for me because I eat  lollies and food that has sugar. Mrs Wallbridge also said that the good foods are vegetables, fish, milk, water and also a lot of other food. I never knew that fish was something good to eat. I thought that was good to know to. I also found this fact very interesting because in New Zealand we have floss. But what Mrs Wallbridge told us was that in South Africa they would use a bag that is made out of thin nylon string to floss. But first they would boil the bag so it is easier to pull the string out. Then use it to floss their teeth.

I learnt that when you get a toothache and it hurts so much you get a gold ice bag and put it outside of where the pain is.You got to do that or you will get a huge bubble from the toothache. It will be full of pus. Once it pops inside your mouth its going down your throat and you will get sick or you can die. Mrs Wallbridge showed us a slide show of the bad things about teeth and what is bad to eat. I saw a lot of yuck photos that was gross. I felt sick already. It made me think that I wouldn’t want to be the person. I want to have healthy and shiny teeth.

Yesterday I told my mother after school all about this information I had learn’t. I think she may had not known what I do. I told her everything that I learn’t. My mum was interested in what I was saying. When I mentioned about the smoking part, she stopped me and asked if I had seen my uncles teeth because he smokes. It is all rotten. My mum said to give some advice to my uncle to stop smoking.


Friday, 6 June 2014

Convert Fractions into a Decimal

Walt: converting a fraction into a decimal.

Convert Fractions to Decimals

In this game you have to convert the fractions into decimals.
It was easy as I knew most of them because I have been working with my teacher and my maths group. Our teacher has been teaching us  how to convert a fraction into a decimal. The hard and challenging  part for me is that I need to learn on how to do this faster. Next, I want to learn how to do it mentally.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm A Hero


I’m a hero at playing Black Ops II because I’m good at aiming and also sneaking behind my enemies. Also I’m good at playing different  musical  instruments.


I was a mega hero last year at sports camp at Totara Springs in MataMata. I was a hero at playing Petanque because I mastered throwing the ball. My strength was to control the ball to where it had to go, which was close to the jack. I participated  in the  cross country at sports camp. I came  8th out of the 7 schools that were at sports camp. In my opinion this was my biggest race and I considered myself a great hero.


About a year ago I performed at a concert playing the violin. 200 people were there and I play with confidence in front of  these people. My step dad taught me how to play the guitar and I still struggle playing. But my mum still thinks I’m a hero. Until I came home everyday practising songs on the guitar. That makes me a mammoth hero coming home every afternoon practising until I get it right. Practise makes perfect!


When I’m over at my grandparents house I help them clean the house. I also help my cousins when there in deep trouble with there parents. I help them by blaming it on me, my aunty’s and uncle’s don’t care after that. Friends are like family so I help my friends all the time I help them when there upset. I help them when there stuck on work. It makes me a superhero because I help people.

School Work

Maybe I’m not a hero with reading and writing. I can do the work but I can’t understand somethings and I don’t make sense with my writing, but I am a hero with maths. I can do my work in 10 minutes and I know it mentally. Also I know how to work the computer without any problems. Which I’m a normal hero. It’s because anybody can work a computer without any problems.

Class Jobs

On the first day of term 1 I was selected to garden for my class duty. I planted it under the soil and pour water for it to grow and the sun does the rest. I turn on the activboard for the teacher to continue with the morning lesson. That makes me a superhero.                                                                                                                                                                 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Comprehension Test

Walt: ask questions to get a better understanding.

In this game I'm reading the story with my eyes. I then read a question at the end of the story and answer the question that is given. The question that was given to me was “Which animals do people think may be the cleverest?”. I answered Dolphins, because when I read the story it used the word dolphin a lot in the story. Also saying that it is like a human and it can understand us. Then I clicked submit as you can see its at the bottom of the screen on the right corner. After I clicked submit it said very good. I have a screenshot my total score at the bottom of the page. I thought this comprehension test was easy. I think I still want to stick to this activity. ?