Friday, 27 September 2013


Walt: find the coordinates.

I am learning to solve coordination problems where they are e.g.: If I had to find (6,1) I would find number 6 at the bottom of the map which you always have to start with the x axis . Then I’ll count from number 6 and go vertical and it’ll be 1 then there's your answer.  I found the green map  easy because all I had to do was to find the coordinates. What was difficult was trying to count fast and look for the numbers before the time goes off and the dino dig was a bit difficult for me because I was trying to find the dinosaurs bones and .What want to learn next is to  do more of this and learn more of it. You can use coordinates on any kinds of maps. You always start from x axis.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cubes in a bag

Walt: make statements about data display.

Cubes in a bag

In this game I needed to figure out if the pointer would point on the colour Magenta which is a purple colour. I counted and found out how many Green, Yellow, Blue and Magenta figures there were. The least colours that were found was Green and Yellow and Magenta. Blue has a bigger chance to be picked out. Magenta has a low chance of being picked. This was a really easy game for me. This wasn't that hard or difficult at all. Next I would like to do something like this but a bit more pressure for me.

Monday, 23 September 2013

BBC probability game

Walt: make statements about data display

BBC Probability Game

In this game I needed to find out the probability of getting a red marble. The answer is 5/9 because there is 5 red marbles so I put that as the numerator. Then count from 5 and count the black marbles there was 4 black marbles. All together there was 9 so there is 5/9 red marbles. This game was simple and easy. Next I would want to learn more about probability but challenging.  

Friday, 13 September 2013

Shoe Brand Survey

On 13th of September my maths group made a survey on anything they want. I wanted to do a survey about shoe sports brands. Every other student doing surveys did something different to mine. Most children chose chocolate. The options I chose for people to tick was, Converse, Van, Adidas, Puma, Asics and other. The populous was Converse, 14 people ticked that box. Vans and Adidas were the least populous. I found this very easy to make and survey to people. Then tabulate all the data I have collected. Before it was tabulated, I walked around class asking people to take my survey. Next I would like to do another survey but on something else.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Tree of Life

Walt: retell the story

The Tree of Life

One hot day a boy name Sione was very thirsty. “I'm very thirsty” complained Sione.
“Lets go and buy a drink” said Sione. “Why would we do that” said dad. “Come with me I will get some drink for you” said dad. “Oh and can we eat something with it as well” said Sione.
Dad and Sione walked to an island. “Look at this tree” dad telling Sione. “A coconut tree”
frowned Sione. “Yes” said dad. “So are you going to climb the tree” said Sione. “Of course”
dad saying like his the man. Dad shook his sandals off. Dad had his hands on the tree on a grip.
Climbing like a monkey. Dad grabbed the coconut and dropped it down for Sione to caught.
Dad jumped back down.

Dad grabbed the manchete and started to sharpen a stick, to poke a hole for the coconut.
While dad was sharpening the stick he was talking a myth story to Sione. “There was a girl called Sina”. “She was best friends with Tuna that was a eel”. “She always talked to Tuna about everything”. “But one day it wasn’t a great day”. “Sina told Tuna to swim far away”. “But he wouldn’t listen”. But Tuna made a promise with Sina that she will bury his head in the sand.
So she did. After the people killed him to eat Tuna. She watered his head everday then something magical happened. Tuna started to grow into a coconut tree. Sione enjoyed the myth story his father told him.  

Tally Chart (Hobby)

Tally Chart

In this game I needed to click on each child to find out their favourite hobby. Then type in the total for each hobby and click done. This was very easy for me because I did it mentally, knew mentally. It wasn’t hard or challenging at all for me. What I want to learn next is to do harder or challenging problems in statistics.

Netball Rap

Walt: be creative

Every day the netball girls
train to pivot, shoot and pass.
Some girls have beautiful curls
and we sometimes play as a class.
I walk past and watch and copy the moves.
Side to side, left and right and up and down.
I tried my best and I’ve improved.
I think all us girls need a crown.
Jumping high and around and around.
Stepping away from side to side.
Pick the ball off the ground.
I need the referee's to guide me.
Watching the girls how they throw, from here to there.
Someone falls I sub on.
Catch the ball in the air.
And at the end, our team wins.
Then people threw the ball to me.
I catch the ball.
I had the ball, I feel so free.
We are all tired, we lean against the wall.
Netball is my passion.
So I've got a mission.

Cross Country

Walt: write a poem or rap.

Cross Country

Jogging another 2 kilometers tired as a big old lazy dog,
Running and jogging pass the marshals clapping telling,
Us it’s only 5 minutes with a lot of fog.
Dodging every little child from left to right,
I spring my legs in the air jumping high as a light.
Still running as fast as I can before my time stops,
Feeling water hop.
But no it’s my stinky, leaking sweat from my forehead

Jogging past my girl friends dragging them from the top
with time sprinting round, I’m going to drop.
They all freak out like we would not make it
Telling them don’t panic just think that theres  
A big large chocolate waiting for you at the finish line
We all sprint to the finish line just making it before the time
On the dot 4 minutes
All my girls just stare at me panicking
I thought there was chocolate waiting for me.

Bright Balloons

Walt: Discuss the fairness of the game.

In this game I had to find the most coloured balloons. There was 11 yellow balloons and 4 purple balloons. The most coloured balloons was yellow because it has 11. This game is really easy I knew it mentally quick and fast. I just needed to skim through the words and find the word less or more. This is not difficult, not confusing or challenging for me. Then at the end I could colour the balloons in. Next I would like to have a much more challenging equations to do.