Friday, 15 February 2013

Interview With Tainah

Tell me about your favourite movie ?

The Dark Thirt  is my favourite movie because it based on a true story. It took place in Afghanistan. The movie was about people dying there in pain. There were intruders that come to take their land. It was an action movie where there were guns.

What’s your favourite food and why ?

My  favourite food is fruit, apples, oranges, strawberries because it’s nice and nutritious  and juicy. I also like fast foods like, KFC, Mcdonalds because it’s yummy and got fat. I also like pizza because it’s got lots of vegetables and cheese and got crust at the end of the pizza.

What’s a t.v program you hate the most?

I hate a programme called funniest home videos because people get hurt and I think it’s painful and not hilarious. I also hate horror programmes because it’s creepy and scary and some might be based on true stories. I don’t like sad programmes or anything to do with killing because it hurts me, and it feels awful to be the person dying. Action programmes are not my type and painful, sad programmes aren’t my type too.


Clearissa said...

HI Claudia, this is a lovely interview. I see I helped you with it as well. I also did some of these questions in my interview. If you had the chance to do another interview, who would you choose to interview?

Mary said...

Hay Claudia I really like your one because it all about the person that you were talking with. I like the big strawberry you coloured in. What is your favourite movies and why?

claudia said...
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Kelvin said...

hi Clauda this is a cool interview that you have.

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