Friday, 25 October 2013

Photo with Tony Ryall

Everyone was posing at the cameras in steed of saying "ahh".


Today my teacher gave me a statistic worksheet to fill in. This was easy for me because I have been practising my statistics for the past few weeks. This wasn't that difficult for me. The girls in my maths group came to me back and forth for help. They got confused in some of the questions so they came to me. In the end I got all my results right. Next I would like to learn Geometry and Measurements.

Marea Visit

Britney had a wonderful conversation with Tony Ryall the minister of health.
Alisi was posing at the cameras while people were chatting.

Tony Ryall was talking to us about rheumatic fever. How it could start with a sore throat to become a rheumatic fever.

Tony Ryall was acting out how to take a swab.

Mikayla's Fault

Walt: write a narrative.

Mikayla’s Fault  

This is about three girls living on their own in a little cottage. Then Mikayla decided to make some eggs for her.

The youngest sister was Tainah the second youngest sister was Mikayla and the oldest sister was Crystal. They all lived in a little cottage on there own. One afternoon Mikayla decided to cook some of her lunch because she was starving. She placed the pan on the stove, cracked the egg into the pan. It was grizzling like bubbles. Then Crystal came into the kitchen, “Do you want to play tag Mikayla”, asked Crystal. “Ok, only for a little while because my eggs are on the stove”, said Mikayla. “Come on then”, said Crystal. They both chased around the house having giggles and laughing that Mikayla forgot about her eggs.

Mikayla walked back inside to check her eggs quickly. She walked into the kitchen, just started to panic and screamed telling Crystal to get outside. But then Crystal and Mikayla had forgot about Tainah there youngest sister. Crystal and Mikayla looked at each other “Where’s Tainah!”. They were both worried. “We got to ring the fire station right away” Crystal said. She dialed the number 111 for emergency. The ambulance turned up in time. The fire was leaping over the roof tops. Crystal and Mikayla told the manager Fatu that Tainah there youngest sister is inside the house, all alone asleep. The fire men had there gear on and started to squirt out the water from the hose onto the house. It was squirting like shooting stars.  

The manger Fatu rescued Tainah and dragged her outside. He placed a towel around her and gave her a glass of cold water. Crystal and Mikayla raced to Tainah and hugged her tightly. “Mikayla got to carried away and forgot about her eggs thats how the fire had started” said Crystal. “Why would you leave your eggs on the stove and forget about it?”, Fatu said. “I was playing with Crystal and I got to carried away because I was having fun” cried Mikayla. “But I'm really sorry I will never do that again” cried Mikayla. “Well good you won’t” said Fatu. “ Well can I take you girls out somewhere if you like” Fatu offered. “Oh yes please Im starving” said Mikayla. They all started to laugh at Mikayla.

Never let things cooking on the stove always watch your cooking. Turn the stove off before you go to play. Let an older person do it for you or watch it for you as well.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hot pools

After all the tiring sports we all jumped inside the warm pool.


The girls were so excited about the finals.

Vision Of My Future

Super Late Bus

Walt: write a narrative

Super Late Bus

Our School packs up all our stuff to go back home. The children cried and moaned. Cleaned the beds and the bunks folding the blankets and clothes. Stuffing things in our bags and suitcases.  
Running back and forth to the dometres to grab our bags to put outside the lecture room.
Saying goodbye to our friends from different schools. Mr Hendricks talks to us and then asks do we all have our belongings. Then after packing we all go to the lecture room.  All the schools sit down on the mat and then Andrew comes and has a little chat with the schools. He plays the daily highlights for us to watch. All of a sudden Tainah comes up on the screen people start to laugh so does she.

Then athletics was next we all got put into groups.
All people had to participate. First up was sprints then stand jump javelin, discus and shot put. The bestest sport was the javelin. Jelsma was amazing without him we wouldn’t of won that trophy. He is one of the bestest javelin throwers in our school. Then we all walked back to our bags put them outside the bus stop. Then walked to the lecture room again for the awards. We won 9 trophies. We walked outside and went to the dining room to get a sandwich before we leave and a ice block as well. Mr Hendricks said we could go play on the playground all the kids sprinted to the playground pushing shoving.

Then it was just us left. Kids were sun bathing on the grass under there blankets. Mr Hendricks was playing football with the other children. Other kids were playing on the play ground. Other kids were just chatting and eating. The bus was so late it was 2 and a half hours late. So then Andrew the staff person offered us if we want to go on the water slide that was 126m long !. All of the children were excited and so happy.

Kids ran to there bags to get there togs Andrew went over the rules. All of the kids raced to the water slide first we had to go to the lower slide so we could get used to it. All of the children had a turn so we all raced to the very top of the water slide. Then the man that was supervising us, was saying we could go with a partner.