Friday, 31 October 2014

Place Value

Walt: solve problems by equal additions that turn one of the numbers into a tidy number.

This game is about place value and adding, subtracting and also using tidy numbers.
I found this easy because 100 cm is 1 metre. My question was "How many metres is 305 cm?". Well 300cm is 3 metres and 5 cm is not counted as a metre. I didn't find this hard to figure out. Next I would want to learn about BEDMAS.

Friday, 24 October 2014


Walt: solve addition problems by first adding a tidy number then subtracting a small number to compensate.

In this game I have to use the numbers that are falling from the brain. Equal it to the number that is given to me in the speech bubble. I found this easy to play because I already know addition. Also the levels become harder and you minus numbers in the other levels.

Friday, 17 October 2014


Walt: solve subtraction problems using place value to partition numbers.

This week in Room 12 maths class we have been learning about tidy numbers. We have been learning about tidy numbers because these things happen in real life. Thats why we need to know things like this. I thought that learning about tidy numbers was easy. Its similar to place value. Tidy number is rounding the number off to the nearest 10. Eg: 12+33=? then what you do is round off the one of the numbers to the nearest ten, so I would use the 33 in to 40 which i'm adding 7. 12+40=52 then you take away 7 because what you did was adding 7 on the 33 to make a tens, so now take away 7 from 52. Will be 52-7= 45 theres your answer.