Friday, 22 November 2013

Tarte Tatin 2

After all the apples were finished cut and peeled one person in our group will grab a lemon squeezer and squeeze the lemon onto the apples. It’s to preserve the apples and a little bit of sourness.  

Tarte Tartin

Room 11 was making Tarte Tatin. First step was to grab 8 apples and then once you have the apples you will have to peel the skin off. Next we cut the apples into halves. Then place the apples inside the bowl.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Scale Attack

In this game I had to click the mouse down to create a ball and release the mouse to drop the ball, also had to make both sides equal the same balance. This was an easy game to play because all you need to do is to make both side equal the same amount. Not to complicated or hard for me just simple. Next I would like to learn algebra.   

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mathpup measurement

Walt: figure out which is the measurement of the shape.

In this game you have to answer which one is the right measurement of the shape or tool.

This game is very easy people should just know it like a machine. It wasn’t hard or challenging at all for me. Next I would like to learn more of this but more hard and challenging.

Career idol

Career idol


Elephant vs Crocodile

Friday, 15 November 2013

Reading Mass and Weight

Walt: find the mass and weight.

In this game all I did was click in the text box and write down what the hand is pointing on. We also read the mass and weight. I found it easy because this game is for year 3 kids. This wasn't hard or challenging for me. Next I would like to do the same thing but more challenging and hard.

Measurements and Units

In this game I am learning about different units. I found this really easy because I have seen one of these at my nanas and I asked what does this machine weight she said it weighs grams and kilograms. This wasn't hard or challenging for me. Next I would like to learn how to estimate random heights.

Friday, 8 November 2013


1. What time of year is it in the story?

2. What did Alvie like to do everyday?
Play outside in the pile of leaves

3. What happened to Alvie when he went outside to play?
The squirrels would nip Alvie’s tail and sneak behind.

4. What did Alvie do about it?
Got help from his mother and searched online for some squirrel repellents.

5. Have you ever been bothered by a bully?
Yes, I have been bullied.

6. If so, what should you do about it?
Tell the teacher or an adult that's there. If not that keep away from them.

7. What did Alvie learn?
He learned that he doesn't need to be harmful to protect himself from bullies. He also learned to ask for help.

The authors purpose of this story was to never be harmful to protect yourself from bullies. Get help from parents or adults that are there. Speak up for yourself by bullies. Do not become a bully as well.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fireworks and Mini

Walt: 1.write a narrative
         2. use words to paint the picture
          3. use senses

Fireworks and Mini
Straight after dinner Melissa raced to the back yard.
“Mum!” yelled Melissa
“I’m coming just wait a minute” Mum replied. As I watched through the window my mum and Melissa were placing fireworks in the dry dirt so it could stand properly. The colours of the fireworks were full of colours. Green, purple, blue, red, yellow,baby blue, aqua. My mum grabbed and held the lighter and lit the fireworks. I just stared at the fireworks lighting up the darkness. “Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom, Pop, Pop!” The fireworks was loud as a siren.
“Wow” I whispered.

Suddenly Mini sprung her legs through the air into the back yard. She jumped up and down barking at the fireworks as it went up. Mini started to leap over the fireworks.
“Mini !!!” Melissa shouted.
My mum and Melissa were trying there hardest to get Mini away but Mini didn't listen. As I was watching  through the window I started to giggle a bit. Just how Mini was leaping over the sparks as they went up.

The sparks started to stop and the ashes just start to sprinkle down on to the grass. Then I laughed as they dropped Mini inside the house. Melissa just stared at me and said
“It’s not funny!” Melissa moaned. My mum and Melissa ran back outside to do some more fireworks as they lit some different fireworks. Mini starts to bark again.

Theme: Be careful with fireworks and always check if your pet is safely inside the house.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Poem

Walt: write a poem on Halloween

Candy, candy in the bag
Children running in the door
Grabbing some candy from the floor
Parents growling stop that war
Ghost flying through the walls
Kids screaming at the witch with that magic wand
With the hair blowing in the air colour blonde
Flash lights in the pond
Witches with there flying brooms
Flying through the air in one zoom !!!


Walt: write a narrative and to focus on paragraphs.

Two best friends make there own song and asked to put it on the radio. But just then a thief came and stole the song and gained possession of it like it was his song.

After School Mikayla and Clear listened to some music on the way back home.
“Hey we should make us our own song” said Clearissa.
“Yes that would be a great idea Clear. I will meet you at the park to write some lyrics.” Mikayla yelled, as she walked in to her house. An hour passed by and they met at the park.
“Hey you,(pointing to Clear) yes you, theres nothing you can do with, the super super flu when I'm walking over you, you better run away” Mikayla sings.
“You have a nice clear voice when you sing” Clearissa said proudly.
“Thank you” Mikayla said.

The both of them started making lyrics for their song. They planned and planned until the moonlight had arisen. Mikayla puts the lyrics on the bench while they swang through the air on the monkey bars. Someone came along and stole the lyrics to their song.
“Oh no where's the lyrics” complained Mikayla.
“Who took our lyrics” cried Clearissa.
But there was only them two alone at the park. In the morning Clearissa turned the radio on. Suddenly she hears her song that she and Mikayla just made last night. “What” Clearissa was shocked.
She sprinted down the road and bumped into a boy his name was Kelvin. He was singing her song. “How do you know the words” asked Clearissa.
“Umm I got to go” muttered Kelvin.

Clearissa went to the radio host and asked how he got that song. The lady said “a boy called  Kelvin had brought that song in. He said it was his.”
“Oh no he didn't” growled Clearissa.
She ran everywhere looking for that boy, searching half naked in her pj's.
Finally she had found him hanging in the creek singing the song. “Hey you” yelled Clearissa.
“Who me” Kelvin was confused.
“Yes you” growled Clearissa.
“What did I do” Kelvin cried.
“Why do you have to steal peoples music” said Clearissa.
“I don't know” Kelvin said.
“Why did you take it” Clearissa replied.
“I wanted to be famous” cried Kelvin.
“Why couldn't you ask if you want to be with me and my friend” complained Clearissa.
“ I was scared you guys will say no” Kelvin squeaked.
“Come on you can be in our group, but if you steal it again you have to pay us money” growled Clearissa.
The both of them went to visit Mikayla about their song. A year passed and they had their very own album called the “ Power Trip 3”.  


Walt: find the value of k,m,c.

Today I have been learning how to find the perimeter of the value’s. It was hard to understand at first but then I started to get the hang of it. It wasn't that easy but I got some of the questions right. I need to really work on perimeters more often in class and focus. I would need a little bit of help. Next I want to learn geometry.