Monday, 2 December 2013


Walt: design our own tessellation.

In my class we have been working on tessellations. Everyone in the class got to choose a shape or an animal to use as a tessellation. I chose to do a bird for my tessellation. I looked up on google images to find bird tessellations. Britney helped me alot with the cutting out and the gluing and tracing she was really helpful. The bestest tessellation I have seen in the class will be Crystals because to used a unicorn as her tessellation she has a very creative brain. It was easy in the start but it started to get tiring cutting and then gluing and sticking. Some girls from Saint Kentigerns came to help with the tessellation. While we were doing that our teacher played music as we worked. It was a little fun but tiring.

Sports Camp E-Book

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tarte Tatin 2

After all the apples were finished cut and peeled one person in our group will grab a lemon squeezer and squeeze the lemon onto the apples. It’s to preserve the apples and a little bit of sourness.  

Tarte Tartin

Room 11 was making Tarte Tatin. First step was to grab 8 apples and then once you have the apples you will have to peel the skin off. Next we cut the apples into halves. Then place the apples inside the bowl.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Scale Attack

In this game I had to click the mouse down to create a ball and release the mouse to drop the ball, also had to make both sides equal the same balance. This was an easy game to play because all you need to do is to make both side equal the same amount. Not to complicated or hard for me just simple. Next I would like to learn algebra.   

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mathpup measurement

Walt: figure out which is the measurement of the shape.

In this game you have to answer which one is the right measurement of the shape or tool.

This game is very easy people should just know it like a machine. It wasn’t hard or challenging at all for me. Next I would like to learn more of this but more hard and challenging.

Career idol

Career idol


Elephant vs Crocodile

Friday, 15 November 2013

Reading Mass and Weight

Walt: find the mass and weight.

In this game all I did was click in the text box and write down what the hand is pointing on. We also read the mass and weight. I found it easy because this game is for year 3 kids. This wasn't hard or challenging for me. Next I would like to do the same thing but more challenging and hard.

Measurements and Units

In this game I am learning about different units. I found this really easy because I have seen one of these at my nanas and I asked what does this machine weight she said it weighs grams and kilograms. This wasn't hard or challenging for me. Next I would like to learn how to estimate random heights.

Friday, 8 November 2013


1. What time of year is it in the story?

2. What did Alvie like to do everyday?
Play outside in the pile of leaves

3. What happened to Alvie when he went outside to play?
The squirrels would nip Alvie’s tail and sneak behind.

4. What did Alvie do about it?
Got help from his mother and searched online for some squirrel repellents.

5. Have you ever been bothered by a bully?
Yes, I have been bullied.

6. If so, what should you do about it?
Tell the teacher or an adult that's there. If not that keep away from them.

7. What did Alvie learn?
He learned that he doesn't need to be harmful to protect himself from bullies. He also learned to ask for help.

The authors purpose of this story was to never be harmful to protect yourself from bullies. Get help from parents or adults that are there. Speak up for yourself by bullies. Do not become a bully as well.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fireworks and Mini

Walt: 1.write a narrative
         2. use words to paint the picture
          3. use senses

Fireworks and Mini
Straight after dinner Melissa raced to the back yard.
“Mum!” yelled Melissa
“I’m coming just wait a minute” Mum replied. As I watched through the window my mum and Melissa were placing fireworks in the dry dirt so it could stand properly. The colours of the fireworks were full of colours. Green, purple, blue, red, yellow,baby blue, aqua. My mum grabbed and held the lighter and lit the fireworks. I just stared at the fireworks lighting up the darkness. “Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom, Pop, Pop!” The fireworks was loud as a siren.
“Wow” I whispered.

Suddenly Mini sprung her legs through the air into the back yard. She jumped up and down barking at the fireworks as it went up. Mini started to leap over the fireworks.
“Mini !!!” Melissa shouted.
My mum and Melissa were trying there hardest to get Mini away but Mini didn't listen. As I was watching  through the window I started to giggle a bit. Just how Mini was leaping over the sparks as they went up.

The sparks started to stop and the ashes just start to sprinkle down on to the grass. Then I laughed as they dropped Mini inside the house. Melissa just stared at me and said
“It’s not funny!” Melissa moaned. My mum and Melissa ran back outside to do some more fireworks as they lit some different fireworks. Mini starts to bark again.

Theme: Be careful with fireworks and always check if your pet is safely inside the house.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Poem

Walt: write a poem on Halloween

Candy, candy in the bag
Children running in the door
Grabbing some candy from the floor
Parents growling stop that war
Ghost flying through the walls
Kids screaming at the witch with that magic wand
With the hair blowing in the air colour blonde
Flash lights in the pond
Witches with there flying brooms
Flying through the air in one zoom !!!


Walt: write a narrative and to focus on paragraphs.

Two best friends make there own song and asked to put it on the radio. But just then a thief came and stole the song and gained possession of it like it was his song.

After School Mikayla and Clear listened to some music on the way back home.
“Hey we should make us our own song” said Clearissa.
“Yes that would be a great idea Clear. I will meet you at the park to write some lyrics.” Mikayla yelled, as she walked in to her house. An hour passed by and they met at the park.
“Hey you,(pointing to Clear) yes you, theres nothing you can do with, the super super flu when I'm walking over you, you better run away” Mikayla sings.
“You have a nice clear voice when you sing” Clearissa said proudly.
“Thank you” Mikayla said.

The both of them started making lyrics for their song. They planned and planned until the moonlight had arisen. Mikayla puts the lyrics on the bench while they swang through the air on the monkey bars. Someone came along and stole the lyrics to their song.
“Oh no where's the lyrics” complained Mikayla.
“Who took our lyrics” cried Clearissa.
But there was only them two alone at the park. In the morning Clearissa turned the radio on. Suddenly she hears her song that she and Mikayla just made last night. “What” Clearissa was shocked.
She sprinted down the road and bumped into a boy his name was Kelvin. He was singing her song. “How do you know the words” asked Clearissa.
“Umm I got to go” muttered Kelvin.

Clearissa went to the radio host and asked how he got that song. The lady said “a boy called  Kelvin had brought that song in. He said it was his.”
“Oh no he didn't” growled Clearissa.
She ran everywhere looking for that boy, searching half naked in her pj's.
Finally she had found him hanging in the creek singing the song. “Hey you” yelled Clearissa.
“Who me” Kelvin was confused.
“Yes you” growled Clearissa.
“What did I do” Kelvin cried.
“Why do you have to steal peoples music” said Clearissa.
“I don't know” Kelvin said.
“Why did you take it” Clearissa replied.
“I wanted to be famous” cried Kelvin.
“Why couldn't you ask if you want to be with me and my friend” complained Clearissa.
“ I was scared you guys will say no” Kelvin squeaked.
“Come on you can be in our group, but if you steal it again you have to pay us money” growled Clearissa.
The both of them went to visit Mikayla about their song. A year passed and they had their very own album called the “ Power Trip 3”.  


Walt: find the value of k,m,c.

Today I have been learning how to find the perimeter of the value’s. It was hard to understand at first but then I started to get the hang of it. It wasn't that easy but I got some of the questions right. I need to really work on perimeters more often in class and focus. I would need a little bit of help. Next I want to learn geometry.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Photo with Tony Ryall

Everyone was posing at the cameras in steed of saying "ahh".


Today my teacher gave me a statistic worksheet to fill in. This was easy for me because I have been practising my statistics for the past few weeks. This wasn't that difficult for me. The girls in my maths group came to me back and forth for help. They got confused in some of the questions so they came to me. In the end I got all my results right. Next I would like to learn Geometry and Measurements.

Marea Visit

Britney had a wonderful conversation with Tony Ryall the minister of health.
Alisi was posing at the cameras while people were chatting.

Tony Ryall was talking to us about rheumatic fever. How it could start with a sore throat to become a rheumatic fever.

Tony Ryall was acting out how to take a swab.

Mikayla's Fault

Walt: write a narrative.

Mikayla’s Fault  

This is about three girls living on their own in a little cottage. Then Mikayla decided to make some eggs for her.

The youngest sister was Tainah the second youngest sister was Mikayla and the oldest sister was Crystal. They all lived in a little cottage on there own. One afternoon Mikayla decided to cook some of her lunch because she was starving. She placed the pan on the stove, cracked the egg into the pan. It was grizzling like bubbles. Then Crystal came into the kitchen, “Do you want to play tag Mikayla”, asked Crystal. “Ok, only for a little while because my eggs are on the stove”, said Mikayla. “Come on then”, said Crystal. They both chased around the house having giggles and laughing that Mikayla forgot about her eggs.

Mikayla walked back inside to check her eggs quickly. She walked into the kitchen, just started to panic and screamed telling Crystal to get outside. But then Crystal and Mikayla had forgot about Tainah there youngest sister. Crystal and Mikayla looked at each other “Where’s Tainah!”. They were both worried. “We got to ring the fire station right away” Crystal said. She dialed the number 111 for emergency. The ambulance turned up in time. The fire was leaping over the roof tops. Crystal and Mikayla told the manager Fatu that Tainah there youngest sister is inside the house, all alone asleep. The fire men had there gear on and started to squirt out the water from the hose onto the house. It was squirting like shooting stars.  

The manger Fatu rescued Tainah and dragged her outside. He placed a towel around her and gave her a glass of cold water. Crystal and Mikayla raced to Tainah and hugged her tightly. “Mikayla got to carried away and forgot about her eggs thats how the fire had started” said Crystal. “Why would you leave your eggs on the stove and forget about it?”, Fatu said. “I was playing with Crystal and I got to carried away because I was having fun” cried Mikayla. “But I'm really sorry I will never do that again” cried Mikayla. “Well good you won’t” said Fatu. “ Well can I take you girls out somewhere if you like” Fatu offered. “Oh yes please Im starving” said Mikayla. They all started to laugh at Mikayla.

Never let things cooking on the stove always watch your cooking. Turn the stove off before you go to play. Let an older person do it for you or watch it for you as well.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hot pools

After all the tiring sports we all jumped inside the warm pool.


The girls were so excited about the finals.

Vision Of My Future

Super Late Bus

Walt: write a narrative

Super Late Bus

Our School packs up all our stuff to go back home. The children cried and moaned. Cleaned the beds and the bunks folding the blankets and clothes. Stuffing things in our bags and suitcases.  
Running back and forth to the dometres to grab our bags to put outside the lecture room.
Saying goodbye to our friends from different schools. Mr Hendricks talks to us and then asks do we all have our belongings. Then after packing we all go to the lecture room.  All the schools sit down on the mat and then Andrew comes and has a little chat with the schools. He plays the daily highlights for us to watch. All of a sudden Tainah comes up on the screen people start to laugh so does she.

Then athletics was next we all got put into groups.
All people had to participate. First up was sprints then stand jump javelin, discus and shot put. The bestest sport was the javelin. Jelsma was amazing without him we wouldn’t of won that trophy. He is one of the bestest javelin throwers in our school. Then we all walked back to our bags put them outside the bus stop. Then walked to the lecture room again for the awards. We won 9 trophies. We walked outside and went to the dining room to get a sandwich before we leave and a ice block as well. Mr Hendricks said we could go play on the playground all the kids sprinted to the playground pushing shoving.

Then it was just us left. Kids were sun bathing on the grass under there blankets. Mr Hendricks was playing football with the other children. Other kids were playing on the play ground. Other kids were just chatting and eating. The bus was so late it was 2 and a half hours late. So then Andrew the staff person offered us if we want to go on the water slide that was 126m long !. All of the children were excited and so happy.

Kids ran to there bags to get there togs Andrew went over the rules. All of the kids raced to the water slide first we had to go to the lower slide so we could get used to it. All of the children had a turn so we all raced to the very top of the water slide. Then the man that was supervising us, was saying we could go with a partner.


Friday, 27 September 2013


Walt: find the coordinates.

I am learning to solve coordination problems where they are e.g.: If I had to find (6,1) I would find number 6 at the bottom of the map which you always have to start with the x axis . Then I’ll count from number 6 and go vertical and it’ll be 1 then there's your answer.  I found the green map  easy because all I had to do was to find the coordinates. What was difficult was trying to count fast and look for the numbers before the time goes off and the dino dig was a bit difficult for me because I was trying to find the dinosaurs bones and .What want to learn next is to  do more of this and learn more of it. You can use coordinates on any kinds of maps. You always start from x axis.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cubes in a bag

Walt: make statements about data display.

Cubes in a bag

In this game I needed to figure out if the pointer would point on the colour Magenta which is a purple colour. I counted and found out how many Green, Yellow, Blue and Magenta figures there were. The least colours that were found was Green and Yellow and Magenta. Blue has a bigger chance to be picked out. Magenta has a low chance of being picked. This was a really easy game for me. This wasn't that hard or difficult at all. Next I would like to do something like this but a bit more pressure for me.

Monday, 23 September 2013

BBC probability game

Walt: make statements about data display

BBC Probability Game

In this game I needed to find out the probability of getting a red marble. The answer is 5/9 because there is 5 red marbles so I put that as the numerator. Then count from 5 and count the black marbles there was 4 black marbles. All together there was 9 so there is 5/9 red marbles. This game was simple and easy. Next I would want to learn more about probability but challenging.  

Friday, 13 September 2013

Shoe Brand Survey

On 13th of September my maths group made a survey on anything they want. I wanted to do a survey about shoe sports brands. Every other student doing surveys did something different to mine. Most children chose chocolate. The options I chose for people to tick was, Converse, Van, Adidas, Puma, Asics and other. The populous was Converse, 14 people ticked that box. Vans and Adidas were the least populous. I found this very easy to make and survey to people. Then tabulate all the data I have collected. Before it was tabulated, I walked around class asking people to take my survey. Next I would like to do another survey but on something else.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Tree of Life

Walt: retell the story

The Tree of Life

One hot day a boy name Sione was very thirsty. “I'm very thirsty” complained Sione.
“Lets go and buy a drink” said Sione. “Why would we do that” said dad. “Come with me I will get some drink for you” said dad. “Oh and can we eat something with it as well” said Sione.
Dad and Sione walked to an island. “Look at this tree” dad telling Sione. “A coconut tree”
frowned Sione. “Yes” said dad. “So are you going to climb the tree” said Sione. “Of course”
dad saying like his the man. Dad shook his sandals off. Dad had his hands on the tree on a grip.
Climbing like a monkey. Dad grabbed the coconut and dropped it down for Sione to caught.
Dad jumped back down.

Dad grabbed the manchete and started to sharpen a stick, to poke a hole for the coconut.
While dad was sharpening the stick he was talking a myth story to Sione. “There was a girl called Sina”. “She was best friends with Tuna that was a eel”. “She always talked to Tuna about everything”. “But one day it wasn’t a great day”. “Sina told Tuna to swim far away”. “But he wouldn’t listen”. But Tuna made a promise with Sina that she will bury his head in the sand.
So she did. After the people killed him to eat Tuna. She watered his head everday then something magical happened. Tuna started to grow into a coconut tree. Sione enjoyed the myth story his father told him.  

Tally Chart (Hobby)

Tally Chart

In this game I needed to click on each child to find out their favourite hobby. Then type in the total for each hobby and click done. This was very easy for me because I did it mentally, knew mentally. It wasn’t hard or challenging at all for me. What I want to learn next is to do harder or challenging problems in statistics.

Netball Rap

Walt: be creative

Every day the netball girls
train to pivot, shoot and pass.
Some girls have beautiful curls
and we sometimes play as a class.
I walk past and watch and copy the moves.
Side to side, left and right and up and down.
I tried my best and I’ve improved.
I think all us girls need a crown.
Jumping high and around and around.
Stepping away from side to side.
Pick the ball off the ground.
I need the referee's to guide me.
Watching the girls how they throw, from here to there.
Someone falls I sub on.
Catch the ball in the air.
And at the end, our team wins.
Then people threw the ball to me.
I catch the ball.
I had the ball, I feel so free.
We are all tired, we lean against the wall.
Netball is my passion.
So I've got a mission.