Tuesday, 25 February 2014


My Animation ! :) 

Editing Grammar

Walt: correct sentences that are given.

In this game I would have to edit the sentences that didn’t sound right or correctly written.
It was also complicated for me to work out. What I found so hard was spelling the words correctly. What I found easy is placing the commas and full stops also correcting the lower case to capital.  Some of the sentences I had to edit was not so hard to answer. I think I need a lot of work to edit stories or sentences of my own.  

Roundest to the nearest ten

Walt: find the roundest to the nearest ten.

In this game I am learning to find the nearest ten of 393. I said it is 390, because takeaway 3 from 93 is 90 which is the nearest ten. This game wasn’t hard to play because I knew it mentally. It was easier than I thought it will be. I would like to learn something more complicated for me to do.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Swimming Race


Walt:: I am practising my division.

I am learning to divide 25 by 5. The answer is 5. I used my 5 timetables to figure out the answer by doing  5 x ?= 25 and its 5. I need to work a bit on division mentally. By the end of the week I want  to get to the next level.