Friday, 19 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

Walt: reflect on my learning

My Reflection for term 1

I need to get to the next level next term. I want to be a star learner and not fail anymore. For the last week of term 1, our class did 3 tests, to see where we actually are.

For my reading, I think I did great, but I am just below the national standards. Our test was based on comprehension for reading.  In reading, my level is 3P. I did well by knowing the authors purpose, I can read quickly and scan fast for the information, and I can understand what the words mean. I need help with placing the punctuations in the right place. I also need help on knowing what the new words mean. I will improve by, doing my homework when we come back to school. I want to be good at reading.

For maths we did numbers and measurement. I scored 2A, which is disappointing. I've got to try hard next term, even better than this term. I did great at factorizing and explaining algebra questions. I also did great in answering perimeter and area questions. I need help with making up a story to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. I didn’t do great on solving whole numbers and decimal problems. I will ask the teacher, if I don’t understand.

In geometry and statistics, I think I did well. Overall I got 3P, and that’s alright. I did very good at making statements about data shown in a statistics display. I am also good at describing 2D and 3D objects using geometry language. I don’t know how to make sensible statements about a statistical investigation. I also need help with drawing and explaining simple scale maps. I can improve by paying more attention to the teacher.

My goal for next term is to focus on my work, and not focusing on my friends. My other goal is to reach the national standards, and be very intelligent. I want to be ready for college.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Walt: use photoshop

Step by Step- I.C.T

1. You will need to go into the google images and download your passion that you like.

2. You will have to save your passion image in the download folder.

3. Then you go on to the photoshop and click into the files,then click open and you will
    see your image.

4.  After that you will have to click opacity, 80% opacity will let you draw on the picture.

5. Then you colour in your picture and trace around it.

6. Save your passion image into your google drive.

7. Insert the image into the finished file because it could be deleted in the holidays if it is, not saved.

Technology Toy

Walt: make a toy

My toy was a boat car and the mechanisms I used were, wheels and axles and ramps. I chose to make a boat car because it is really simple. The easiest part about my toy was, sticking the sticks together. The hard part of making my toy was finding the materials. The next day my mum had the materials in her box that I needed. I had worked on my toy all night because I wanted to win. Then I went back to school and finished it off.  What I enjoyed about making my boat car was the  fun. It was good to try something new for me. I used some cellotape, hot glue gun, containers, sticks, cardboard, plastic plate, straws and cup cake holder.

I got help from my mum to make it. It was a bit tricky. My toy can be flimsy because when I pick it up  the sticks come off easily. I have to hot glue it over again so it can stick right and  be perfect.

The judge was Mr Hendricks. He came to our class and told us
about our toys. He said he was impressed by our toys and he was commenting about our toys. The top 3 winners were Britney, Mikayla and Matthew.
Britney was using gravity. Her toy was a ramp with a marble. It rolls around on the ramp.
Matthew made a car. It had a lever like it had something in the front that picks up things.
Mikayla  was clever. She had a toy that goes around like when you winded up your window in a car. But I really wanted to win but I’m happy for them. Next time I will try to improve to make the wheels work a bit better and use better material next time.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Mrs Robinson

Dear Mrs Robinson

Thank you for Taekwondo lessons I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the kicking and punching on the pads. I liked the scissor kick the most because I like it when you jump in the air it’s pretty cool. It looks like you are flying. I learnt how to count in Korean and learnt the colours of all the belts. I will use integrity because sometimes I can not be honest or I can lie which isn’t good and Courtesy is one of them I can use around the school be positive and not negative all the time. Next I might want to join Taekwondo club to get more skills and to kick higher.

Your Sincerely