Friday, 17 May 2013

Rippa Rugby

Walt: use emotions to describe playing sports.

Rippa rugby

Rippa Rugby was so amazing, it made me jump like a frog. Devonn passed the ball to me and I ran like a cheetah. I felt like I was the fastest in the world. I didn’t get a try, I was so disappointed in myself. People were yelling at the person that had the ball, saying pass the ball here and there. I felt like I was in a tournament. I was imagining that people were around in a circle cheering for the red team. The coach blew the whistle. We passed the ball around and around.  Blue gets a point. My heart was pumping like a machine gun. The coach said it is the red teams ball. We ran on touch five, but still didn’t get a try. It was blues ball and Tainah had the ball. I raced to her to rip her tag off, but Alisi trip on me. I felt like I had lots of bruises on me, it was so painful. I had a good game at the end.


Norsalomah said...

Hey, Claudia. I watched you playing rippa rugby. You did great! Why were you disappointed at yourself?

claudia said...

Because my tag got ripped off straight away. I didn't know what I was doing I was confused. But it was a good game.

claudia said...
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