Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sports Retreat 2

This is Mikayla and my sister Melissa posing for the photo. Can you see I'm in the background in the blue and white jumper? This is a nice photo. It looks like the both of them are really  happy being at St Kentigern's College. I thought that Mikayla and Melissa were very good team players. They would let everyone have a turn and they would not make it all about them. I thought that they were the best team players at St Kent's College.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sports Retreat

Mrs Barry took a picture of the team. Everyone was really excited and happy. I thought that everyone had a great time. I was smiling when Mrs Barry captured the photo of us. We had a lovely nice lunch. There was a sandwich and chips also a cookie. I found it delicious to eat. I would say if I was to go to that school. I would be a million times happy. We played a lot of different sports. There was volley, basketball, netball, soccer, dodge ball, capture the flag and touch and rugby. I found basketball more exciting for me because I'm really good at being aggressive.

Monday, 7 July 2014

St Kent's

This is the year 8's and 7's at St Kent's College we all were doing fitness. We all did fitness inside the gym hall. I had the wonder fullest three days at St Kent's it was a life time. It felt like I was back at Sports Camp. I would like to always go back to St Kent's they are very kind and cheer-full people. I had a really good time there with out the room 12 boys. But I have to be honest they will spoil it for us good kids. I would like to say I think I had be selected to go St Kent's because I have a good behaviour. I meet new kids at St Kent's they are really weird only some. There was one amazing girl I would like to say is to Jemma she was really nice.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Im playing a game called sum dog.I have to answer the questions then I grab a cake and fed the monsters. But when it starts to grow bigger or fatter they start to explode and thats how you win.I had to answer different types of questions to answer. I thought it was easy to play this
because I play sum dog all the time. I came 2nd in this game because I just didn't know a the answer.

Scribble 2

I loved doing this picture because its so out standing. The colours make it stand out colourful also the picture is with tree's and butterflies. Basically its just a picture of a beautiful sunny day. I really thought this was the best one as well. I would like to continue with this site I used to do this picture.  

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I was using this site by scribbling all over the page. It was amazing to use this because you would scribble all over the page and then it will turn it into a picture. I found this one my favourite. It's because of the colours to it and also its unique.

3D Collage

This is a 3D photo collage I have been working on for the past three weeks. I'm proud of myself with this art. It's because I really enjoyed doing this kind of art. I would love to do this again. Just to tell you this is a photo of Tainah on a raft in the playground. 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Soccer Lessons 2

Quan is showing use how to stop the ball from going into the goal area.
I thought that this was the only technique that was new for me.
When the ball comes towards you, you will have to stop it with your foot. Place your body on the ball. Like for example: knee,stomach,bottom,head and different sorts of your body parts. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Comprehension Reading

Walt: Solve problems in financial literacy.


This game is all about reading a story and then answer some questions in a quiz. The questions that were given was about Stacey's playing baseball. I found it easy to play this game because I read it until I knew what the story meant. I found this not so difficult. I had did very well in this activity I got 9/10. But I would like to get 10/10 next time. But I would also like to move on to commenting on blogs with expensive words when I give a question for them.