Friday, 28 March 2014

Football Place Value


In this game I am finding where the number 1 is in place value. I said the number to myself and write down 5 columns the hundred thousand, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones column. Then put them into there order. The 5 was in the ones column, 8 was in the tens column, 0 was in the hundreds column, 4  was in the thousands column, 6 was in the ten thousands column and 1 was in the hundred thousands column. So hundred thousands is the answer. I thought this game was easy for me to do because it’s something I learnt in primary and I have done it a few times. I think it wasn't hard or challenging because you don’t really need to think hard. Next I would like to learn LCM and HCF.

Speech Marks

Bi!tch kunt

In this game I am placing speech marks in the sentences. I didn't make any mistakes in this activity, I got all correct. I think this was easy because I knew it of by heart and also I use speech marks in my stories. I think this wasn't hard at all. I would like to learn where to place single quotation marks and apostrophes.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Natasha Shackleton

Walt: create art by studying Natasha Shackleton.


Walt: create art by studying by Natasha Shackleton.

Room 11 has been studying  Natasha Shackleton’s art. Room 11 has been inspired by her art, so we created our own art using her ideas. Natasha is a New Zealand artist, she loves to use any medium to paint. Natasha Shackleton was passionate about art and creativity for entire life. She did all her art at home. She loved to draw New Zealand birds and landscape paintings. I did a painting of a Pukeko on a beach walking through flowers on the soft brown sand.

Learn Create Share

Learn Create Share !First Mikayla was reading the story to Joshua. Then Joshua read the book . Joshua was struggling to read the book. Joshua just paused and waited until Mikayla gave him the word he didn't know. Joshua needed to try and figure out the sounding of the difficult words or  just to give it a go. Mikayla said he enjoyed the story. Mikayla had Sita next and Mikayla thought she was wonderful at reading. Mikayla also told me it was tiring reading to the Room 8 children.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Capital Letters

Walt: correct the sentences into capital letters.

doggy style.png

In this game I’m finding letters that need to be fixed into a capital letter. It isn’t complicated for me to figure out because names and I have capital letters also the beginning of a sentence.  It was easy in most of the sentences that were given for me to fix. I would like to learn where to place commas in sentences.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Science Experiment 1


We are boiling two pieces of beetroot. We were boiling it because we are making dye in science  this week. I enjoyed watching the experiment that we were doing. We all surrounded the table taking photos of it. I really wanted to see something explode.