Friday, 28 June 2013


Walt: use tiles to cover the lounge floor.


Today the orange group were tiling the  lounge floor. We were learning the concept  of area. I worked with Salomah. She was great help. We used rectangular shaped blocks to tile the lounge floor. Salomah and I used our hands to place the tiles on the lounge floor. I noticed that the  others had  different shaped and sized tiles. . The bigger tiles are the easier and faster to place. The other kids had smaller tiles to tile the lounge floor. They took longer. After we finish tiling the wood pieces on the whiteboard me and Salomah had to count how many wood pieces that we used to cover  lounge floor. Salomah and I used 13 x 3= 39 tiles. We  used our timetables.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Basic Facts T2

Walt: reflect on my basic facts assessment.


I got 94 out of 100 at  stage 5. The multiplication and addition was easy, because I knew all of them and I was quick at them. The challenging part of the test was
my division, because I knew some of them but some of the problems were hard and challenging.  Next I would like to learn my division facts and get all right in  test.

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Day as a Builder In Ancient Egypt

Walt: write correct paragraphs.

I’m a worker in Ancient Egypt. I’m building the three Pyramids of Giza. I was born 2580 BC.
I have been working for 20 years building the three pyramids. I get paid less than doctors.

I cut the blocks with a chisel and a saw . I pull the sledge toward the pyramid so I can stack the block on top of the other blocks.. We work in bare feet. Inside of the pyramids I place clay on the walls to make the blocks stick together.

When I have lunch breaks I have packed lunch and I eat bread and weak beer.Then I will get back to work. I have to make the pyramid in shape because so you can see the pyramid properly. It’s really hard.


Walt: write an information report.

The Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. The brain was removed but not the heart.
Then the body was salted and then dried.. Then the Egyptians wrapped it in lots of  bandages. The Egyptian wrapped the mummies tightly, this stopped the mummy from  rotting away.
The Egyptians believed that the priest sent the dead spirit to another world. The priest would touch the mummy’s body with special instruments. The Egyptians put the mummies in a wooden case. The Pharaohs were placed in the stone coffins.

Report on Jump Rope

Walt: write a report.

Jump Rope

Glen Innes School had Jump Rope for Heart on Friday the 7th. It was held in their school hall.
They were perfecting their skipping skills for the Glen Innes Centre.

The classes routines were amazing enough to make us smile. They had brilliant skipping skills.
The students performance showed that they had a lot of enthusiasm. The energy filled up the room.

The music was suitable and fun.The beat from the music made students dance.
They were singing with incredible joy.  When Gentleman came on the dancing was like PSY was there.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Maths Model

Walt: revise our timetables.

The answer for this is 48.

This game wasn't so complicated, it was easy because I know my timetables. It was complicated after that because it got a bit harder
and it gave me harder problems to solve and I didn't know some of my timetables.  
Next I want to learn my timetables that I don’t know.

A basket of crops grown by Ancient Egyptians

A basket of crops grown by Ancient Egyptians 

This is what the farmers grow in Egypt. This is what they eat.In this basket I'm drawing what the farmer grows in Egypt grow. I drawed barley, grape, melon, cucumber, onions and lettuce.

Multiplication Shopping game

Walt:  solve problems in multiplication.

Multiplication Shopping game

All this week I have been learning
how to solve problems in multiplication.
I thought this was easy because I knew
some of my timetables of by heart.The challenging was working out harder problems after the easy problems. Next I want to learn how to solve harder problems.