Friday, 29 August 2014

Dividing by 10, 100, 1000

Walt: divide numbers by 10, 100, 1000

In this game I'm dividing numbers into 10, 100, 1000. I thought this was easier than I thought it would be. It's because divide can be hard with 1000. But I was wrong it's easy. I thought this wasn't complicated at all. At the end of the game I got scored a perfect. That mean's I nailed it! Next I would want to learn my prime or compost. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Spelling (Skin)

Walt: study the facts/information

In this game I have been given some words that are related to skin. What I have to do is I read them and listen to what it sounds like. Then I spell the words at the end. Which I'm doing a spelling test. I thought this was easy because I learn't them and try to memorize them. I got all right as well. I thought this wasn't hard. I would want to learn where to place my punctuation. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Walt: figure out what is less than and bigger than or equal.

In this game I have to figure out which one is the biggest integers. I found this game easy because if there is a -60 with the number that means it is lower that 60 because minus means lower. But if it was -60 and -60 that means it will be =. I think that this wasn't hard to play. Next I want to learn how to add decimals.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Walt: discuss problem and the events leading to the solution. 

In this game I had to figure out what is the missing space that will go into that place. I found this easy because this feels like year 3 and 4's could do. I thought that it could of gave me some challenging sentences to fill in the space. Next I would want to learn where to place my punctuation

Friday, 22 August 2014

Fraction Egg Game

Walt: finding fractions of lengths, including seeing when a fraction is greater than one.

In this game I'm trying to place the fractions smallest to biggest. I think this was very easy because I think this would be for year 4 and 3 to play this kind of game. I found this not hard. Next I want to learn my equivalent fractions. So I can become familiar with them.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Iced Tea Peach (Technology)

;Iced Tea Peach

Walt: draw a brand of a juice.

In technology I was drawing a fruit. I drew a peach as my juice. The name of my juice brand was Iced Tea Peach. I used the site called sumo paint to create my peach drink. I think this was a good drawing of my picture. I like how I used colours that are peachy colours.

Friday, 15 August 2014


In this game I have been given different maths questions to answer. This question I had to answer was "What is 1/10 of 60?" I said 6. It's because how many tens in 60? there is 6. That is how I got the correct answer. I found this easy to do, my score was 15. But I think I could have achieved more. I found this not challenging. But I did find it hard to concentrate. I was worrying that they were going to win before me. Next I want to achieve a higher score than this score. 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Activity (Ear)


This is an activity I had filled in. It was based on about ears. But the ear parts inside your ear. There was a cross word to fill in. There was a sheet to fill in you have to name the parts of the ear. I had a sheet that showed me the names of the ear parts. To help with the activity sheets. I found this interesting. It’s because its something new to me for something to learn. I learned a lot of facts about ears.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Math Fraction Game

Walt: find fractions of lengths, including seeing when a fraction is greater than one. 

In this game I have to match the fractions together. Only if they're the same fraction. I thought this was easy because it's like playing memory card. Matching the same things is easy. My score was 51102! I reached up to level 17. I think I could of achieved more. This would be suitable for year 2-4. I thought this wasn't hard or challenging at all for me. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How do you think N.Z did well in the Commonwealth Games?

do it

England had the most medals out of all the countries that participated in the Commonwealth Games. That's how many medals they had won, which was 174 medals in the Commonwealth Games. But really New Zealand had a advantage of winning because they had a fewer population. Comparing the medal count to the population New Zealand is actually ranked first. The ratio of people to medals is the lowest.

Bite Size Maths Fraction

Walt: find fractions of a set.


In this game we had to watch a video. Then I had to select a button and click on it until it tells me to stop at the denominator, given to me. Then I shade the tenth fraction to make it 10/14. I found it easy to play this. I also enjoy playing this game because I get to learn more about it. My score was 200 so I think I did well. Next I would like to learn more of this to know it mentally.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Precious Mckenzie

This is a matching word sheet I have made. You will have to match the sentence that goes with the other sentence. This is a matching word sheet about a man named Precious McKenzie.

1. Precious McKenzie
2.His father was killed
3. Precious McKenzie became a
4. Won his third gold medal
5. Precious & Gloria
6. Worked in a shoe factory
7.Queen Elizabeth awarded him
8. Progressing in weightlifting

A. Born in Durban South Africa
B. by hunting crocodiles
C.was a weak child from suffering from illness
D. Born in 1936
E. weightlifting by acting in the circus  
F.Were put into welfare care
G.In the 1974 Commonwealth Games

H. In Northernton  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Road Victim

This is a drawing that I had done. I had to read a poem and then visualise the picture in the poem.
The poem said You survived somehow, against all odds... the men, machines, the tumbling  logs, the fires, the cats, the stoats, the dogs. So why oh, why, did you tempt fate and cross the road to find a mate? I had read that then I had to draw this picture because we are learning to visualise or form a picture in our head.