Friday, 30 August 2013

Number of coloured counters

In maths I'm learning to group my counters in 20 according to colour and display the data.

First I had to draw a tally chart. Here is my tally chart.

This tally chart wasn’t that hard to do. All you need to do is to look for the least counters of colours, the same and the most colours of counters. My counters of colours should add up to 20. Doing a tally chart in my book is really easy. I enjoy doing it in my maths book. There was nothing hard or challenging. Next time I want to learn more harder and challenging tally charts.

Here is my online 3D bar graph.

All this week I have been learning to do statistics. In my maths group which is  the purple group.
I found this really easy to do as well. All you need to do is to fill in this chart settings form to make a bar graph online. It was a bit hard because it was muddling up the colours of counters I had. So I had to fix it up and it finally came out right. Bar graph is easy to do really.


Sumatran Tiger, Cantik

Walt: write a report on the Sumatran Tiger.

Sumatran Tiger

On 29 August at Wellington Zoo a Sumatran Tiger called Cantik was suffering from malignant and arthritis. Cantik was only 21 years old. Cantik came from the Netherland Zoo. She got sent over to the Wellington zoo in 1997. The staff at the Wellington zoo looked after Cantik for a very long time. But there was always sadness. The veterinarian and staff were devastated. They put Cantik down with a drug so she could die peacefully, thats called mercy killing. Cantik died recently which is really sad to hear about .

Sumatran tigers have short powerful legs, huge paws and a large, powerful jaw. Babies stay with their mother and have no contact with their father. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered. If given the chance the Sumatran tiger will run and hoof their prey into the water. Sumatran tigers are the smallest of the 5 remaining subspecies of tigers. Cantik’s real name means ‘beautiful’ in Indonesia. There is only about 300 to 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Sumatran tigers are almost extinct.

I think that tigers should receive euthanize medication so they can die painlessly instead of going through such pain. blI really feel devastated about Cantik .

The Skin (Popplet)

Queen of the Barn


Queen of the Barn

I have chosen Alan because he's really caring and helpful. How I can prove that he is caring because after school he was walking back home and he saw his own cat Daisy. She got run over by a car. He grabbed Daisy and took her back home to let Ben his brother that his going down to the vet. It took about 30 minutes because he kept stopping to check if Daisy was still alive.

He went to visit Daisy every day on his school breaks on lunch time. Alan is a good money wise person he was saving up for a  radio control plane. Alan only saved up $447 something. But Alan had to pay for Daisy to be fixed up to come home. It was about $500 to pay for Daisy or $600. He was helpful once they moved to this farm. He helped around the farm planting and gardening. He refused to get money from his parents. He got send money from the vet lady and he got to know the vet lady very well. Had a cup of tea with the vet lady which was Mrs Jameson.

That’s why I chose Alan in the story - Queen of the Barn.

Tally Chart


Tally Chart

This game isn’t hard, it’s really easy all you need to do is to click on each child to find out their
favourite hobby. Then type in the total for each hobby and click done. This was very easy for me because I did it mentally.It wasn’t hard or challenging at all.
What I want to learn next is to do harder or challenging problems in statistics.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Inspirational person Edmund Hillary

Edmund Hillary was born on July 20, 1919. He was one of the first person to climb the Mount Everest. He went with Tenzing Norgay up Mount Everest as well. Sir Edmund Hillary inspired me because the reason is that he never ever gave up on climbing Mount Everest. People usually just give up on things they really want to do. But Edmund Hillary didn’t give up till the top of Mount Everest. He was working with the Himalayan Trust over fifty years. It was a poor place. So Edmund Hillary built schools for the children that didn’t know things. He and people built clinic’s for sick people. 
Hospitals if injury or really ill. He was a good man. He cared for people. He didn’t give up on anything.

Poster: Wash your hands


Walt: analyze the character in a story.


I have chosen Jamie. Why because he is the main person in the story.

Jamie was babysitting Daniel. Jamie builds ramps and roads for the toy car to drive over. Jamie halfs the cake with him and Daniel and they both eat it. The both of them play memory with the cards. He reads a book to Daniel to put him to sleep. Jamie says to his sister “Stop watching your stupid videos and babysit Daniel”. You can tell he is always angry and mad and stressed at his sister Hannah. “ Why does she get money she didn’t do nothing” growls Jamie. He has brown spiky hair. Big beady brown eyes, tan brown skin, red t-shirt and blue pants.  

Convert Fraction to a Decimal

Walt: converting a fraction into a decimal.

Convert Fractions to Decimals

In this game you have to convert the fractions into decimals.
It was easy as I knew most of them because I have been working with my teacher and my maths group. Our teacher has been teaching us  how to convert a fraction into a decimal. The hard and challenging  part for me is that I need to learn on how to do this faster. Next, I want to learn how to do it mentally.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Basketball Rap

Walt: write a poem on basketball.

Basketball Poem

Michael Jordan comes with his team players
He talks to me
While we are walking
Passing the ball around and around
We both start to play the game

I dribble, dribble from here to there
I bounce, bounce running to the hoop
I throw the ball into the hoop in one loop
He tries to get the ball out of my hand
Under over, up and down, up the bridge
Pivot, pivot then another shot in the hoop
But I just wish I was tall as the basketball players

Proper Fractions

Walt: solve simple ratio problems by repeated copying.

Proper Fraction

How to play this game is that first you will be shown a maths problem. Your job is to click on the number line. Then you move around the nest on the number line to figure out the answer. It was not easy at all, I really need to practice more. I knew some but I can’t do it mentally. Next I want to learn how to do my proper fractions mentally. Once I know how to do it mentally I’m going to do challenging maths problems.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Raggle Taggle Chook

Walt: retell the story

Raggle-Taggle Chook

One day there was a flood outside Robin’s house. Once the flood stopped Robin walked outside to have a look. Then she saw a Chook. It had hardly no  feathers. “Poor thing” Robin said sadly. I showed mum. “What mum” mumbled mum. “We should wring its neck” said mum. “We should chop its head off !” replied dad. Its half dead and half drowned already. Robin frowned at dad.  Robin took Chook at the backyard digging worms for chook to eat. While Robin was digging up the worms she was talking to chook. About that her parents are mean. Mum came outside in the backyard telling Robin “if you're going to keep that bird you have to take care of it and responsible of it”.“I did” said Robin. “I feed her some worms” replied Robin.

The next day after school my friends will want to come back home with me. So they can take turns with chook. Chook will never run away because she would love people holding her. Robin’s parents started to like Chook. Dad will always come home from work and talk to Chook and walk around the garden with her. Mum liked Chook because she would lay eggs and mum will decided to make omelet for tea.

One afternoon Robin came home from school. She was getting in trouble from her mother.
“Your stupid hen has gone and rewend Mr Dick’s peas that her has been growing” shouted mum. “Oh no what am I going to do” said Robin. “Well thats your problem to sort out” mum annoyed. I went over to Mr Dicks fence. Then I saw Mr Dick talking with Chook. I jumped over and apologized about his peas. “My peas” said Mr Dick. “Oh don’t worry about it that’s fine” said Mr Dick in a pleased voice. “Your hen was making a nest in my garden digging out my peas” said Mr Dick. “She laid about five eggs” Mr Dick saying it in a happy voice. “You've got a fine hen right here” mentioned Mr Dick. “Oh thank you Mr Dick” replied Robin. “Well I’ve got to go now see you later” said Robin.