Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sports Retreat 2

This is Mikayla and my sister Melissa posing for the photo. Can you see I'm in the background in the blue and white jumper? This is a nice photo. It looks like the both of them are really  happy being at St Kentigern's College. I thought that Mikayla and Melissa were very good team players. They would let everyone have a turn and they would not make it all about them. I thought that they were the best team players at St Kent's College.


Tainah said...

Hola Claudia.

I really like the photo of Melissa and Mikayla, it looks really funny. Yes, I can see you at the back of the photo. I really had fun at St Kent's college. The year 10's student were really funny and cool to hang out. Their college is really massive and huge. Would you like to go there next time and why? I know that I want to go back again.

claudia said...

Hi Tainah
100000 x YES ! I would want to go to St Kent's so I can verse the schools again.

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