Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Socialising ukulele

Dear Room 6

I really liked talking to you and I really loved your song you are a really good singer to Noah. I liked your photographs that Mrs Carter showed us. Thank you very much Mrs Moodley for allowing us to  talk to your  awesome children.
Thank you Mrs Carter for teaching us to play a ukulele.I felt very comfortable and happy and excited  with room 6 and you.

Thank you very much room 6 for the conversation and playing the ukulele.
You are an outstanding class.

Yours sincerely

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I have explored working with netbooks for the past two terms. It has helped me type fast and comment on other students blogs much easier. When we write a story we can fix our mistakes automatically. If  we don't know how to spell a word, I can search the word up and it will help me with all of my academics. 

Things can distract me on my netbook like my friends popping up, chatting to people, playing games and listening to music. I really like my netbook, sometimes I'm addicted to my netbook. Sometimes I can't take my eyes off the screen and it's really hard for me to try.

The netbook is very interesting to me. I love my netbook very much and I would love to take it home.
My goal for next year is to learn how to use the netbook properly and improve my writing and post more blogs for my friends to read.