Friday, 6 September 2013

The Tree of Life

Walt: retell the story

The Tree of Life

One hot day a boy name Sione was very thirsty. “I'm very thirsty” complained Sione.
“Lets go and buy a drink” said Sione. “Why would we do that” said dad. “Come with me I will get some drink for you” said dad. “Oh and can we eat something with it as well” said Sione.
Dad and Sione walked to an island. “Look at this tree” dad telling Sione. “A coconut tree”
frowned Sione. “Yes” said dad. “So are you going to climb the tree” said Sione. “Of course”
dad saying like his the man. Dad shook his sandals off. Dad had his hands on the tree on a grip.
Climbing like a monkey. Dad grabbed the coconut and dropped it down for Sione to caught.
Dad jumped back down.

Dad grabbed the manchete and started to sharpen a stick, to poke a hole for the coconut.
While dad was sharpening the stick he was talking a myth story to Sione. “There was a girl called Sina”. “She was best friends with Tuna that was a eel”. “She always talked to Tuna about everything”. “But one day it wasn’t a great day”. “Sina told Tuna to swim far away”. “But he wouldn’t listen”. But Tuna made a promise with Sina that she will bury his head in the sand.
So she did. After the people killed him to eat Tuna. She watered his head everday then something magical happened. Tuna started to grow into a coconut tree. Sione enjoyed the myth story his father told him.  


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