Thursday, 8 May 2014

Story Sequence


In this activity I’m reading a paragraph about Sue and Mary doing their chores before going to the zoo. I had to read the story and  answer some questions that were based on the story. I also got different types of  questions to answer because  I read different  stories.. I thought it was easy because I read it well and understood the meaning of the story. Also I read it twice to remember what it was about. I thought it wasn’t that much challenging or hard to do. My results were 8/9 I only got 1 wrong. So I think I did well. I enjoyed the game and I would like to continue with this.


Arihi said...

Hi claudia.
I can see that you're doing really well on this activity and understood it well. What would you like to learn next?

claudia said...

Hello Arihi
If you read it propley you would see that I want to carry on with this activity. If I wanted to learn something else next I have no idea what I would want to learn next. Thank you for your comment.

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