Monday, 4 August 2014

Road Victim

This is a drawing that I had done. I had to read a poem and then visualise the picture in the poem.
The poem said You survived somehow, against all odds... the men, machines, the tumbling  logs, the fires, the cats, the stoats, the dogs. So why oh, why, did you tempt fate and cross the road to find a mate? I had read that then I had to draw this picture because we are learning to visualise or form a picture in our head.


Wesley said...

Hello Claudia
I like your road victim picture. Was it easy to make ? How long did it take you draw it .

Arihi said...

Hi Claudia.
I think you did a good piece of artwork! You should have explained what the story was about? Was this poem hard to visualise or was the picture already in your head?

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