Friday, 2 August 2013

Raggle Taggle Chook

Walt: retell the story

Raggle-Taggle Chook

One day there was a flood outside Robin’s house. Once the flood stopped Robin walked outside to have a look. Then she saw a Chook. It had hardly no  feathers. “Poor thing” Robin said sadly. I showed mum. “What mum” mumbled mum. “We should wring its neck” said mum. “We should chop its head off !” replied dad. Its half dead and half drowned already. Robin frowned at dad.  Robin took Chook at the backyard digging worms for chook to eat. While Robin was digging up the worms she was talking to chook. About that her parents are mean. Mum came outside in the backyard telling Robin “if you're going to keep that bird you have to take care of it and responsible of it”.“I did” said Robin. “I feed her some worms” replied Robin.

The next day after school my friends will want to come back home with me. So they can take turns with chook. Chook will never run away because she would love people holding her. Robin’s parents started to like Chook. Dad will always come home from work and talk to Chook and walk around the garden with her. Mum liked Chook because she would lay eggs and mum will decided to make omelet for tea.

One afternoon Robin came home from school. She was getting in trouble from her mother.
“Your stupid hen has gone and rewend Mr Dick’s peas that her has been growing” shouted mum. “Oh no what am I going to do” said Robin. “Well thats your problem to sort out” mum annoyed. I went over to Mr Dicks fence. Then I saw Mr Dick talking with Chook. I jumped over and apologized about his peas. “My peas” said Mr Dick. “Oh don’t worry about it that’s fine” said Mr Dick in a pleased voice. “Your hen was making a nest in my garden digging out my peas” said Mr Dick. “She laid about five eggs” Mr Dick saying it in a happy voice. “You've got a fine hen right here” mentioned Mr Dick. “Oh thank you Mr Dick” replied Robin. “Well I’ve got to go now see you later” said Robin.


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