Friday, 28 June 2013


Walt: use tiles to cover the lounge floor.


Today the orange group were tiling the  lounge floor. We were learning the concept  of area. I worked with Salomah. She was great help. We used rectangular shaped blocks to tile the lounge floor. Salomah and I used our hands to place the tiles on the lounge floor. I noticed that the  others had  different shaped and sized tiles. . The bigger tiles are the easier and faster to place. The other kids had smaller tiles to tile the lounge floor. They took longer. After we finish tiling the wood pieces on the whiteboard me and Salomah had to count how many wood pieces that we used to cover  lounge floor. Salomah and I used 13 x 3= 39 tiles. We  used our timetables.


Tainah said...

Good! work Claudia. Was it tricky when your group were learning about the concept area., I really need help. What's really interesting about concept and why?

Tupou Rose said...

Hi Claudia your one is looking good. What were you making?

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