Friday, 24 May 2013


Walt: retell the story.

Wylie was hungry. Wylie then went flying around Egypt to find something to eat. Wylie then saw a lizard and swooped down but then the lizard was to quick it ran in between the rocks. Wylie was getting frustrated and  was unable to come up with a solution. Wylie noticed that everything was covered with thick layer of the dust from the sandstorm. Wylie said to himself however is he going to find something to eat because of the sandstorm.

He flew back and forward swooping down for a closer look. He landed on top of the Great Pyramids. He could see miles from up there. He saw the Nile Rivers. Wylie thought that he could find something there to eat. So he went flying towards the river. Wylie saw lots and lots of fish. He tipped his head down, pulled his wings in tightly to his sides and swooped down to the river. His talons stuck out in front as he glided quickly above the waters of the river.

He grabbed a Nile perch in his claws and instantly flapped his wings, climbing higher into the sky with the fish held tightly. The fish was wriggling and squirming, but Wylie kept on flying until he got on top of the Great Pyramid. He flew back home and went for a sleep.

He finished eating the fish and fall asleep.


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