Friday, 17 May 2013

Batters up Baseball

Walt: Using tidy numbers

The answer for this is 340

This week I have been using tidy numbers.I used tidy numbers to work this problem out.
I first did 85 x 4= which then you have to figure out which is the closest number to 85 and you take away or you add. I took away . Then I did 80 x 4= ( 8 x 4 ) = 320. There’s
5 left. 5 x 4 = 20 add it all up 320 + 20 = 340 there’s the answer. I want to learn how to do algebra.


Blade said...

Nice one Claudia. To me this game is very good for me how about you.? Did you find this game challenging? What do you want to do in algebra.

Saleha said...
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Saleha said...

HI Claudia, I didn't really understand how you solve this problem. If I had to work this out I would of used standard algorithm because I understand it better. What did you find difficult in this game?

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