Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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Walt: make a toy

My toy was a boat car and the mechanisms I used were, wheels and axles and ramps. I chose to make a boat car because it is really simple. The easiest part about my toy was, sticking the sticks together. The hard part of making my toy was finding the materials. The next day my mum had the materials in her box that I needed. I had worked on my toy all night because I wanted to win. Then I went back to school and finished it off.  What I enjoyed about making my boat car was the  fun. It was good to try something new for me. I used some cellotape, hot glue gun, containers, sticks, cardboard, plastic plate, straws and cup cake holder.

I got help from my mum to make it. It was a bit tricky. My toy can be flimsy because when I pick it up  the sticks come off easily. I have to hot glue it over again so it can stick right and  be perfect.

The judge was Mr Hendricks. He came to our class and told us
about our toys. He said he was impressed by our toys and he was commenting about our toys. The top 3 winners were Britney, Mikayla and Matthew.
Britney was using gravity. Her toy was a ramp with a marble. It rolls around on the ramp.
Matthew made a car. It had a lever like it had something in the front that picks up things.
Mikayla  was clever. She had a toy that goes around like when you winded up your window in a car. But I really wanted to win but I’m happy for them. Next time I will try to improve to make the wheels work a bit better and use better material next time.



Arihi said...

HI Claudia I think you did very well with your toy and I really like your boat car how do you feel

Mele said...

Hey Claudia I think you did very well on your toy. I think you did a good job on your toy.

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