Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Socialising ukulele

Dear Room 6

I really liked talking to you and I really loved your song you are a really good singer to Noah. I liked your photographs that Mrs Carter showed us. Thank you very much Mrs Moodley for allowing us to  talk to your  awesome children.
Thank you Mrs Carter for teaching us to play a ukulele.I felt very comfortable and happy and excited  with room 6 and you.

Thank you very much room 6 for the conversation and playing the ukulele.
You are an outstanding class.

Yours sincerely


Mikayla said...

Hello Claudia, I really like your letter to Mrs. Moodley and Mrs. Carter. It is very nice and delightful. Do you wish to go there again and to play the ukulele again? What was the most challenging thing you did with the ukulele?

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